Wednesday 12 July 2023

The Wonky Wand

 Book three in my new series is now out!

Travel back through a magical portal with twins, Maisie and Fletcher, as they go on another amazing adventure. In this story, they meet Basil, a cat training to be a witch, who is in a pickle because he has accidentally damaged his wand. When his spells misfire, the twins believe there must be a way to make things right.

Their quest takes them first to Timberly, a skilled carpenter. But when her repair attempt sends the flying wand through an open window, the twins and the cat set off on a chaotic chase through the village, with all the local animals in tow.

Then, they meet the wise Professor Sage, a silver-feathered penguin who holds the secret to the misshapen wand.

Join Basil as he learns a lesson in trust and self-belief, and watch as he thanks his friends with a magical gift - a dazzling fairground brought to life with a spell.


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Tuesday 27 June 2023

The Giggle Dragon

The second book in 'The Magic Book Adventures' has now been published.

The title is 'The Giggle Dragon'.

This time, twins Maisie and Fletcher travel through the magical portal to the land of dragons where they meet Gus, a friendly dragon who has lost his ability to giggle - which is a problem because Gus is a professional giggler.

Following some wise advice from an older dragon, the twins and Gus set out on a quest to the mystical pyjama tree, hoping to find the lost giggle along the way. On the journey, they meet a laughing gnome, some chuckling chipmunks, and participate in a hilarious treasure hunt.

The book is available on Amazon in ebook format and also paperback:

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Tuesday 13 June 2023

The Adventure Begins

I've been working on a new series of children's stories and the first book has just been released. I wanted to include all the favourite aspects of stories I had read as a child including magical portals to new worlds, exciting adventures, intriguing mysteries, and enchanted beings.

I have named my new series, The Magic Book Adventures. 

The first book is titled, The Adventure Begins.

'Twins, Maisie and Fletcher, discover a magical book that transports them to enchanted lands full of magic and mystery.

In this first story, the twins are led into a world where clouds are created by whimsical beings. Flora Fluffington, a kind-hearted cloud-elf, guides Maisie and Fletcher through a series of thrilling escapades, from the depths of a vibrant jungle to the grand pyramids, and to a tropical island party that's under the threat of a storm.

Follow the twins as they travel to magical lands, tackling challenges using their unique skills. Along the way, they meet many friendly animals and they learn the importance of teamwork.'

The book is available in ebook format and paperback. As this is the first in the series, I have made the ebook free. You can get it from the following retailers:

Amazon Com

Amazon UK

Google Play Books

Barnes and Noble


Apple Books


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Wednesday 1 December 2021

Koko Sleep

 I'm very proud to be part of a new podcast called Koko Sleep. It's a podcast designed for children to help them fall asleep at night. I've written a lot of the stories for the podcast and the first one has now gone live. The story is called 'Koko's Bedtime' and it's about a little koala and his soothing bedtime routine. The stories have been narrated by the wonderful Abbe Opher.

You can listen to it on


Amazon Audible


Wednesday 4 August 2021

Latest bedtime stories

 Here are some of my latest bedtime stories which you can listen to on the Sleepiest app.

Friday 12 March 2021

Agatha Christie and Emily Bronte

 Since I started writing bedtime stories for Sleepiest, I've been given wonderful opportunities to write about my favourite authors. And Agatha Christie and Emily Bronte are right at the top of my list.

You can access Sleepiest by clicking here.

This story is about Greenway in Devon - the one time home of Agatha and her family.

This one is about the lovely town of Haworth in Yorkshire where the Bronte sisters lived, and how Emily was inspired by the beautiful landscape of the moors to write Wuthering Heights.

Thursday 8 October 2020

The Magic Begins - A Jupiter Twins Story

 This Sleepiest bedtime story has been one of my favourites to write. It involves a magic school beneath the streets of the city where I live - Leeds. It's the first day of school for the Jupiter twins,  Lily and Jake, and they enter the magical school via the steps outside the town hall - which is opened by a stone lion who comes to life.

The second story in this series will be released soon.

These are photos I took of Leeds Town Hall and the steps which, possibly, lead to a school of magic.

You can get the Sleepiest App here