Wednesday 12 July 2023

The Wonky Wand

 Book three in my new series is now out!

Travel back through a magical portal with twins, Maisie and Fletcher, as they go on another amazing adventure. In this story, they meet Basil, a cat training to be a witch, who is in a pickle because he has accidentally damaged his wand. When his spells misfire, the twins believe there must be a way to make things right.

Their quest takes them first to Timberly, a skilled carpenter. But when her repair attempt sends the flying wand through an open window, the twins and the cat set off on a chaotic chase through the village, with all the local animals in tow.

Then, they meet the wise Professor Sage, a silver-feathered penguin who holds the secret to the misshapen wand.

Join Basil as he learns a lesson in trust and self-belief, and watch as he thanks his friends with a magical gift - a dazzling fairground brought to life with a spell.


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